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The Eye Hospital in hyderabad dedicated to explain the real cause of your disease/disorder
in DETAIL and treat it

We treat every patient with patience

and along with patinence we follow medical protocols and ethics strictly

The only Eye Hospital in hyderabad where you get a doctor to personally check your vision and explain the real cause of your disease/disorder in detail and treat it..

Refractive eye corrections are always corrected as per the international norms along with additional refinement using duochrome test and axis correction.
There have been multiple eye surgeries performed with precision giving the patient the maximum possible vision.
Retina and Glaucoma screenings are performed for every patient.

The doctor himself examines every patient till date starting from history taking and refractive correction to treating the patient either with medicines or an eye surgery.

We believe that when the same person examines the patient in total is when one can come out with a quality prescription,

Here at our hospital all the refractions are being performed by an ophthalmologist who is skilled to deliver accuracy in eye glasses pescription and eye surgeries.

We have been performing eye surgeries at a reasonable price at following the international norms at the same time.

Cataract extraction as SICS and Phacoemulsification with PCIOL implantation, Pterygium Excision with or without graft, Squint correction, Chalazion excision, Eye lid repair, Corneal Suturing and many more eye surgeries have been prerformed at our hospital..

Lasik surgeries are performed under most advanced machines.