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Cataract Surgery


Sutureless Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery with an incision size of 6mm where we have delivered in the bag placement of lens with least possible astigmatism.

Cataract Surgery


Advanced cataract surgery

The incision size is less than 3 mm where the lens is extracted with phacoemulsifier and a foldable IOL is placed in the bag.

Micro Insicision Cataract Surgery


Latest Cataract Surgery

The incision size is less than 1.8mm where there wil be nil chances of post operative astigmatism with very minimul damage to cornea.

Advanced Pterygium

Pterygium Excision

Fleshy mass encroaching cornea

Pterygium excision is performed as bare screra technique or with the graft where the recurrence rate has been less than 1% at our hospital.

Lasik Flap Surgery


Lase Assisted in situ Keratomileusis

There are a wide range of methods to perform refractive correction with laser which shall be decided after performing corneal topography, IO and aberrometry.

Corneal Sutures

Cornea Repair

Emmergency Corneal Suturing

When cornea gets lacerated, the content of eye protude out and there is a high risk of losing the eye which requires corneal repair.

Chalazion Excision

Most common lid leision

Its a painless nodular leision of the eyelid involving the meibomian gland which does not regress with medication and requires incision and curetttage.

Squint Correction

Squint Correction

Eyes which see twho diffferent objects

Squint corection is done in two ways, one is refractive and another is surgical, squint in children have to be addressed as early as possible to prevent permanent loss of vision.


Excision of Inflammed Lacrimal gland 

Excision of lacrimal gland is done through conjunctiva and through the skin, there is another procedure called DCR where the approach is through the nose.

Requires Lid Repair

Lid Repair

Laceration of Eyelid

Sturing the eye lid might require grafting if there is tissue loss where a thin prolene suture is used to give a minimal post traumatic lid eversion or inversion.

Conjunctival Repair

Laceration of conjunctiva

Small conjunctival lacerations with apposed tissues does not require surgical repair but those which are large requires suturing with 10.0 prolene.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Eye Leision Excision

Squamous cell carcinoma

Such leisions well and possible cautery has to be applied, Leisions which do not enter the inside of eye are safe to excise without loss of vision.